Tap Nations

Tap your way to the world domination!

Our casual online strategy game is on its way! Keep following us for updates.

Who we are

People Person Games is an agile game development studio located in İzmir, Turkey.

We focus on creating games that speak to broad audiences.

Tap into the War!

Tap to conquer, tap to defend.

Use Power-ups to your advantage and upgrade them. Enhance your power!

Play online against real people, or go against the AI.

The Tap Wars Await!


Tap Nations

War, politics, history, and strategy have always been popular concepts worldwide, yet it also often comes with very detailed, confusing game mechanics. Tap Nations brings this notion to a wider variety of people with fun, simple gameplay.

Project Drifto

Tired of hitting the walls, or time-outs?
Drifto will let you drift all the way!
...and wreck other players meanwhile.


"You realize you have been on the shift for the past three hundred years, right?"

So the story begins...

Slashy Ball

Sometimes you can't help but fall. Thanks to Slashy Ball, our Hyper-Casual project, now you can control where you fall in this exciting arcade experience.

Can you not fail as you fall? See if you can!

Meet the Team

We are People Person Games. We are a sarcastic bunch.

Tuğhan Yalgın

Project Manager

After an Econometrics degree, and quitting a career in Investment Banking, Tuğhan found his thing in Game Development. Since 2012 he mainly took on the roles of Game Designer and Project Manager in successful games on PC, Mobile and VR platforms, studied MS International Business, and started to take steps towards what we know today as People Person Games.

Göktuğ Taş

Game Designer

Embracing the mantra of "Gaming is a lifestyle", Göktuğ started his professional career as a Game Designer 8 years ago. Being one of the earliest participants of Bug Game Labs, and with additional experiences such as Sound Engineering degree at SAE Institute or Lead QA for many mobile games, he makes sure to deliver games that respect the time and effort of their players.

Elif Cinbaş Karaca


The "Super Artist" -as our team calls her, Elif studied Graphic Design and Concept Art. Having managed many brands, including her own, and participated on game projects, her effective way of work, vivid creativity, and keen eye on art caught the attention of the team. Since then, she manages almost everything you "see" when you look at People Person Games.

Çağdaş Ertürk


From big RPGs to simple Hyper-Casuals, Çağdaş has been into the game development for nearly 10 years. Using architectural studies with his electronic engineering degree, he cares about being both creative and technically solid. He is the newest member of our team, but surely equally potent.



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